Karen’s Seminar on How to Develop Your Business Dream

June 12, 2021

Karen is a Senior Associate Consultant at Bain & Company and an incoming MBA Candidate at Yale University.  Working at Bain, Karen advises senior executives at Fortune 500 companies, (including companies in financial services, utilities, mining and the energy sector), to help them tackle their most challenging business problems.   Examples of problems discussed could include: 

  • How can a company reach their post-merger synergy targets; 
  • Is this company a good target for a pension fund to acquire; 
  • How should the utility sector improve grid investments for decarbonization efforts to reach net-zero targets? 

In addition to strategy consulting, Karen has experience working at major tech firms, as she took a secondment at Google.org, Google’s corporate philanthropy, to help stand up their Strategy & Operations team and amplify tech for social good.  At Google.org, Karen worked with the leadership team to develop and help execute company strategies in managing their ~US$300M annual budget, including re-evaluating the philanthropy priorities to address the COVID-19 crisis.

Prior to working full time, Karen studied Finance and Sustainability at McGill University for her undergraduate degree in BComm.  During her time at McGill, Karen interned at Deloitte in her first year, at a youth education start-up in South Africa in her second, and at Bain & Company in her third year.  Throughout university, Karen has represented her school in many local and international case competitions, most notably, New Zealand’s Champions Trophy Case Competition, Hong Kong’s HSBC/HKU Asia Pacific Business Case Competition, and Montreal’s McGill Management International Case Competition.  

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